Recertification & Recharging

RMA Download – To be filled out and included with every return.

We are able to re-certify a system as long as the manufacturing date is less than six(6) years of age. This date can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the sticker on the front of the bottle(Figure #1)(Figure #2). Recharging a system would be the same rules, anything older than six(6) years would no longer be good for a recharge or an update. Look at all pictures below. Please print off and fill out the RMA Sheet. Include that with your shipment. If you have a system that meets the requirements then you can send it back to us at:

Safety Systems, Inc
1529 Laurel Drive
N FT Myers, FL 33917


Commercial & Residential Address $80-$85


Recharge Updates
1.5lb – $150 plus Shipping
5lb – $250 plus Shipping 5lb – $50 plus Shipping
10lb – $450 plus Shipping 10lb – $50 plus Shipping

Make sure to include a RMA Sheet in the box with the systems, if you have any other questions fee

l free to contact us.

               Figure #1                                                                                                            Figure #2